Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Playing at the Beach

This year, we are again, withing walking distance to the beach. Technically, we are right on a little salt pond that leads out to the Harbor, but there is just marshy area in the back yard. So we walk to the beach. The kids love this beach because it has the little inlet that they can play in and see the Minos and other tiny sea-creatures. The beach area is rather rocky, but it is perfect for practicing throwing. We can wind up and see who gets the greatest Ker-PLUNK! We have also been collecting a lot of shells, horse-shoe crab skeletons, little pieces of driftwood, etc. Jinx loves lifting up the rocks and digging in the muck to see what she can find. The other day she decided to paint her entire body with the mucky sand and then wobble over to the waters edge to splash around and rinse off.

All in all it is a great little spot we have here in Sag Harbor. I think it is perfect for the kids. The rocky beaches can be just as much fun, if not more fun than the sandy beaches for kids in the 1-6 age range. Exploring is fun!

We have planned lots of crafts to do with all of the beach-y items we have been collecting, but have yet to actually do any of them. You can do a lot with them though. I was telling the kids we could use the pieces of sea-glass, shell bits, and pebbles to make a mosaic. We'll see if we get to it.

Today the air feels light and crisp like the fall! We'll see what fun we can find this week!

Hope everyone enjoyed an excellent weekend! I had an awesome couple of days off :)


SissySees said...

Hrmph. North vs. South. This southern girl needs warm sand between her toes! ;)

gMarie said...

I'm a big fan of a sandy beach - the rocky ones hurt my feet! g