Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What do you See?

I cast on project number two on Monday, and it is knitting up fairly quickly. The only problem is, my creativity for naming has run out. So, What do you see?

Any names just pop into your head when you look at this. Now really it isn't that big of a deal, I just want to give it a proper name for Ravelry. But when I knit it, that is all I can think about... and I'm drawing blanks.

Here is a bit of info about it, to get you started... the pattern is called Diamond Rib Bolero. The yarn is Stella, in Black. It has a gold strand in the twist, which I wrongfully thought might be subtle, so due to its prominence, it will be an evening wear thing. Anyway, it is almost complete, and you won't get a Finished Object Report until I have a name.

Happy Knitting!


Channon said...

Stella!!! I love that name, probably because I love A Streetcar Named Desire.

gMarie said...

I see beach through holes! Don't know what to call it - I can't see the 'hole' thing!! But I do like 'Stella!' g

Anonymous said...

photo & pattern reminds me of "the eyes of an angel" looking through the darkness to make sure the world is ok on the other side.