Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Knitting in the Hamptons

I haven't had a tremendous amount of time to knit, but I have been fitting it in. Which I am more than thrilled about being able to do. It is my way to wind down at the end of the day... not that I'm not already exhausted from running around with the kiddos all day.. That is why I started with an easy, mindless knitting pattern.

I cast on Herbage while stopped in some parking lot after getting off the ferry boat. Mrs. Bean was feeding baby Jinx, and we were all just standing around for a few hours.. yes I did say hours. 2 to be exact. I figured that I could stand and knit.

I was using the long tail cast on method, and after trying, 2 times, I finally got it, with enough yarn for all the stitches, on the third time. That was all I accomplished while we were there... well that and drinking some more coffee!

Throughout the past 2 days however, I have managed to get in enough time to do just under 30 rows of the pattern. Not a huge amount, but I am satisfied with 15 rows a day while I'm working.

So that's that. Nothing to exciting. I will post withing the next few days about just the environment here in the Hamptons... all I can say is, so far, it's all good.

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Channon said...

Lovely! I hope the weather is fabulous.