Monday, August 16, 2010

Rainy Day Kids

Today is our first rainy day in the Hamptons. Which reminds me of a rainy day we had about a month ago back home.

These boys love the rain! They like to take rain walks, and get bundled up and play when it's pouring. This particular rainy day, they decided to get all geared up, and splash around in the back yard...

See anything peculiar about this picture? Jock has a tiny tushie, and his pants are always slithering down... When he was running around in the rain, it was no exception. Although he typically notices when his pants have hit the ground, he was beside himself with all the fun he was having in this wonderful weather! So he just played in the rain with his pants around his ankles, and I shamelessly photographed it.

What a great group I have to look after!
Are you a rain person? Do you splash about when the rain comes out? Or do you frown and stay inside? I am a rain person! I love it, unless it is going on for too many consecutive days...then it can get old, but here and there, not only can they be fun, but they are a great way to literally clear the air, and refresh the earth. What's not to love?!

Happy Munchkin Monday!


gMarie said...

I love that their slickers look like firefighter coats! g

Channon said...

What your mama said!! ;)

No. I don't believe I've ever enjoyed playing in the rain.

AniDoll said...

I love to jump in puddles!!!! =)