Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nature's Beauties

The Hamptons are definitely a place that I would have on that list. It is gorgeous here. We are nestled in a residential area in East Hampton, near Amagansett. We can see the Bay from the house, and it is just a two minute walk (at kid speed) to the beach. Simply wonderful.

So far work-wise, things have been good. Extremely better than past Nannying work trips I have been on. I have my own room.. enough said.

We have explored a little bit of the area. Took the kids putt putt golfing the other day, and I won a free game for the next time. We have spent a lot of time adventuring by foot, at the beach. The weather has overall been great. Although as I'm sitting here typing this, it is overcast, a little chilly, and there is actually enough fog in the air that our view of the water has turned into a view of smokey-white abyss this morning. All in all a great time is being had.

I have been knitting and jogging daily to keep myself sane. The knitting is my zen, and the jogging is just a wonderful breath of fresh air. I have only missed one day since arriving, and that was simply because I was the adult on duty and couldn't leave the kids here to go out.

My spirits are great, and we are almost finished with week one. Hopefully things keep up in the direction that they are going! More to come soon!

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