Friday, August 6, 2010

Finished Lace

I finished my Hydrangea Shawl! Well that is what I have decided to call it because, the pattern looks like it has leaves in it, and the color the yarn is called is Hydrangea.

The pattern is called Springtime Bandit.
The yarn is Lobster Pot Cashmere Lace, hand dyed in bright hydrangea blue.
The needles are Addi Turbos size 9.

For this one, I didn't check gauge, or anything. The yarn that the pattern called for was much heavier, but as I was doing it in this fabulous yarn, and as it is lace, I didn't much care for gauging... although I have been a lot better about doing gauge swatches lately because I find that things are more likely to turn out how you expect them to when you swatch! (imagine that!)

So I finished it on the 23rd of July, then blocked it the following week so that I could have it ready to bring with me this month. The FO report had to wait as I wanted to get these lovely seaside images. These were taken by my helper at the beach, Freddy!

Happy Friday, and Happy Knitting!


gMarie said...

It's stunning! I love it. Bet you're glad you bought the yarn now, eh? g

Channon said...

Oh wow. That's just beautiful! Love the color, and I've been wanting to try that yarn (because you know, I'm knitting so much all the other cashmere blends in my stash are gone?)...

Anonymous said...

beautiful knitting & great camera work. Hmmmmmmmmmm something else seems to be apparent here. No matter how or what you make or design it pales in comparison to the beauty you portray in yourself. Yes I am proud!