Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not Your Traditional Eggplant Parm

This is my spin on Eggplant Parmesan...

These are all very simple ingredients to make it an easy dinner after a day of work. The Eggplant was purchased from Trader Joe's in the freezer section.. It is pre breaded eggplant cutlets. You can bake them fry them or microwave them. I baked them to get the crispiness, and the best flavor. Then I boiled water with a touch of olive oil and a sprinkle of herbs de Provence to cook my pasta in.
After the pasta and the eggplant were cooked, I put the pasta on the plate, covered it with store bought vodka sauce (that I heated briefly on the stove), then topped that with the Eggplant, and a sprinkling of grated soy cheese (a Cheddar, Mozzarella blend), and stuck it under the broiler for just long enough to melt the cheese.

It was very good! I love dinners like this because I can make just enough for dinner one night, and lunch the following day.

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Channon said...

I so wish we had a Trader Joe's! That looks yummy.