Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Swimming Poodle

Charlie has to swim in the bath tub for his physical therapy... he likes it. Every time I take a shower, he slides the curtain back and puts his chin on the ledge of the tub, looking at me like... are you ok? and when is it my turn?!

So here he is swimming away,

And here he is all wet with crinkled hair,

He won't be swimming for a while though, because, right now I am getting ready to leave to fly home for a few days.... so he won't get his weekend swims this weekend, but thats okay, as long as he is safe and happy, I don't care... Maybe Sheila can convince him its ok, as she has had plenty of "mommy's on vacation" experience, and has always been fine.

Happy Dogs On Thursday! :)


Channon said...

Sweet! That's cute that he swims in the tub.

Nichole said...

Lol... so cute!