Thursday, November 5, 2009

Charlie and The Beach

Every morning we walk past the beach in our route. I love being able to see the sun rise, and the fresh beach air is a great way to start the day.... Charlie loves the walk too. So over the weekend, instead of just walking past the beach, we walked onto the beach and romped around a little before continuing on our way.

I think he likes it! I would have let him go in the water if it weren't so cold, but I don't want my boy to freeze! So we'll save his swimming for the bath tub for now, and we can go back to the beach to go swimming in the summer when the water is warmer... I think he will really enjoy it.

He seemed to really love the sand and the sea grass. He was smelling everything! The tide was out a ways when we went there, and he got a chance to feel the wet sand, and to see all kinds of shells, and smell the sea grass, and frolic around being so happy!

I am so glad that he loves the beach because I love the beach and now I know we can go there a lot, especially when the weather is warm again! (I guess we should make it through the winter first though!)

(not my most flattering shadow, but still a cute image... I'll blame it on the heavy jacket I was wearing)

Happy DoT :)


Channon said...

Sweet! Sissy loves the beach smells and sand crabs, but doesn't like the water to touch her, which is odd, because again this morning, I had to shove the shower door closed where she'd shoved it open and thought she'd just climb on it!

gaylen said...

Fun! I still think he looks tall! I don't have a good idea of how big he is. Will you photograph him next to a ruler? g