Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tiny Apartment Warming

That's what the invitations stated... as my apartment is tiny and cute :)

I invited a few friends over so that they could see my place, and I could have a reason to entertain :) I made enough food for everyone, and I found wonderful serving dishes at Home Goods to display the goodies on. My favorite was this poppy plate... the color is so perfect and it was hand painted.. I love all the little details, and especially that it has the little dip spot in the middle!

I made a veggie plate with broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, cucumber spears, radishes, and sugar snap peas, with a dish of herb and ranch dip in the center.

I also prepared a plate filled with vegetable pot stickers, spinach and feta empenadas, and chicken with roasted pepper sausages.. in the center of this one there was soy sauce for dipping the pot stickers, which one of my friends was bringing, because of course I didn't realize until the last minute that I didn't have any!

And of course I had chips and dip! These are my favorite tortilla chips, they are sesame blues by Garden of Eaten, they are blue corn tortilla chips cooked with sesame which adds a wonderful flavor and textural element. I served them with guacamole, and salsa.

Then we hung out for a while while everyone showed up, I made margaritas and rum punch, then decided to play catch phrase. The food and drinks were a hit, and everyone mingled well with each other which is always good... especially in a tiny apartment!
Amongst us girls (because although I did invite some guy friends none of them could make it), we decided to have rotating game nights and girls nights at each others places.

The party was a success! And now my apartment is all warmed up for winter.. hopefully I conserve some of the warmth and use less heat! (wishful thinking, I know!)

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Channon said...

What fun!! I love that poppy plate too!