Sunday, September 13, 2009

The License Plate Game!

During our cross country trek, I wanted to try to find as many license plates from different states, or provinces as possible. We found quite a few.. Check 'em out:

And here are the plates that we found from Canada:

We even found Mexico!

Then there were these silly people who thought that they were amazing,

Which these people disagreed with so much, that it made them want to vom... lol

How many license plates have you seen this summer... we saw a lot for only driving through 15 states :)


LauraMarie said...

I hear we found just a few from missouri though... I'm proud of how many we got... and it helped to pass the time!

Channon said...

Neat! I have no idea, but I'm sure I've only seen a fraction of that number.

Anonymous said...

How funny is this: After looking at your license plate game yesterday, I pulled out of the parking garage and behind a silver sportscar with the WA license plate: "AMAZING" Evidently, there's more than one AMAZING person in the U.S.
Anon. D.
P.S. Love your car - I saw it while it was being worked on. What a score!

gaylen said...

Just in case you were wondering - the comment right above mine is Annonomous Miss D. I know you know who that is :) g