Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apartment Warming In a Box

The week after I arrived back at my apartment, ready to start my new job, and the next chapter, I found a box in the hallway where the mail boxes are located, with my name on it!

It was from my sister and my mom :)

Jessica sent me some Chai tea from this little tea shop in Olympia, Washington (which I've actually never been too, but have had this same chai before and it was the best mix I've had). We have a friend who lives down there and so I thought that she had gone to visit and picked up the mixes while she was there, but as it turns out, she was on the trip just to get me this tea which I love so much, and then ended up seeing our friend sense she was down there. The Chai, for all of you that love it and want to know is by David Rio, and is the Tiger Spice Chai (which is new to me, but also good), and then the Elephant Vanilla Chai... yummy!

Then from my mama, I received these wonderful Tomato Soup Socks! The reason why they are tomato soup and not any other creamy red and white food thing, is because the colors (especially still in the hank) look like when you are making homemade tomato soup, and you add the cream into the pureed tomatoes. It becomes this swirl of cream and tomato for a second before they mix together. Growing up, tomato soup and grilled cheese were a favorite of mine, and still, I love tomato soup because it gives me that warm and homey feeling. So when my mom was visiting CT and NY during the spring of 2008, she looked up several little yarn shops in NYC and when we were there, we ventured into this cute little place where we saw the tomato soup yarn, and I'm not sure if I saw her buy the yarn after I pointed it out to her or if I did and then forgot that she had it but it was really great to open up a package from home and get the warm homey feeling of tomato soup when I took out my socks! They are so warm and cozy, too, that I can wear them whenever I need to feel warm and homey :)

I love getting packages, especially ones that are filled with love!


Channon said...

Great socks! Happy home warming.

gaylen said...

Lovely socks. And for the record - I bought the yarn at PurlSoho and you just happened to be along for the walk :) g

veedogknitter said...

LOVE the socks!! i remember seeing the yarn in person on that trip, too!
Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup is probably my all-time favorite comfort food!!