Monday, September 7, 2009

The 3,784 mile drive!

I was only in Seattle for a day between Las Vegas, and beginning an adventurous trip across the country! Laura was joining me for the ride, and we amazingly enough, made it all the way without killing each other.

I left my parents house at 5:10 am on Tuesday, went to Laura's to pick her up, and then we went down to Seattle to the beginning of I-90.

On day one, we made it through Washington, Idaho (had lunch at this crazy little cafe), then into Montana (stopped to help my grandma with her tv in Missoula, then to Butte and had dinner with my uncle). Montana took us longer to get through than we expected, so we ended up camping just outside of Billings for the night.

Day Two: After stopping for coffee in Billings and then into Wyoming, and South Dakota (where we ventured to Mt. Rushmore, then found another very interesting Restaurant where when we walked into the restaurant the entire place turned around to say hi to there friend who must've been coming in, but then it was us and we felt so awkward! And after dinner at around 11:30 at night, the front passenger tire blew out!), after getting the spare on we drove for about another hour just into Minnesota and camped for the night.

Day Three: We had to drive an hour and a half out of the way to the Discount Tire, so that not only could I buy one, but two new tires! Then had brunch and drove another hour and a half back to I-90. We got through Minnesota, then Wisconsin (Stopped for some awesome Cheese), then into Illinois (had deep dish pizza in Chicago for dinner), and drove into Indiana where we camped for the night.

Day Four: We had apparently camped so close to the Indiana, Michigan border that we found our way into Michigan while we were trying to find breakfast! Then made it back into Indiana, through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York (where we had dinner and went to Niagara Falls--which was amazing!) Then we continued to drive for about another hour and camped again.

Day Five: We woke up and ventured through the rest of New York (another massive state), then into Massachusetts (where we made it into Boston, to Paul Revere's house, and to see the Countries oldest restaurant, and to the End of I-90!) Then we drove the rest of the way into Connecticut, and out to dinner before heading to my Apartment :)


AniDoll said...

Between the Vegas Trip and the road trip, it sounds like you had an awesome time!! :-)

Channon said...

Great photos! Glad you had a safe trip, blow-out aside.

veedogknitter said...

How funny (but not so funny when it happened!) that you had a tire blowout in South Dakota on I-90! So did we!! And yep, we had to drive about an hour and a half out of our way to get a replacement!