Monday, September 14, 2009

New Job

I came home from my two weeks of vacation to start my new job, and be in my new apartment. I will have to show you pictures of my new apartment later, because I haven't taken any specifically of the pad all set up.. though you may be able to see it in the background of some others.
Anywho, I was feeling a little nervous to start my new day, so I figured what better way to settle the nerves then by picking out my first day outfit to prepare myself. This is what I ended up wearing:

My White skirt with lavender flowery print, a mauve-y pink camisole, with a white short sleeved henley over it, and plum colored ballet flats, that I bought on a quick shopping expedition with me mom while I was home.

It is so nice to wake up in the morning and actually be able to make coffee while I'm getting ready, sit down and have breakfast, and have some time before heading out the door to work. I knew that it was close, but decided to clock it on the odometer to see if it was walking or biking distance. Turns out it is only 3 miles (mostly uphill, but downhill going home).

When I arrived the first morning in my "first day" outfit, I found out that every Friday is a color day, and you dress in that color. The upcoming Friday just happened to be Purple Day... great sense I was wearing most of my purple already. I ended up wearing these deep Purple capri's with a lavender tank under a purple shrug, and again my plum colored flats.

So far, the job is great. I am with a good group of kids, and I can actually interact with adults during the daytime.. well mostly with the kids, but it is good to have "real people" at work!
And I have been walking on the days that I don't have to be somewhere right away after work, and today I even rode my bike... getting there was an intense work out, but the ride home was a breeze!

Last week was red week and up next is orange week.. I hope the weather is nice on Friday, I have an orange striped skirt I can wear!


Channon said...

What fun! I love the color theme. I bet MJ would be delighted to have a color theme on Fridays here... maybe I won't mention it. ;)

AniDoll said...

Color days sounds awesome (although I pretty much just have black), I'm glad you like the new job!! I look forward to pix of the new place!