Saturday, May 10, 2008


Spring Flinger T.O.W.
We'll go free form this week - Post about your WIPs, post about your package, post about the weather where you are - just be sure to include that the post is for the Spring Fling Weekly Topic somewhere inside it when you tell us it's there! I'd love to hear how folks are enjoying the goodies they received, if they have, or how much fun you had shopping for your pal!

So.. My WIPs are a few springy scarfs... I bought some turquoise yarn that is very springy, and then I got some coral-y colored yarn that looks like flowers! So I found some patterns for some skinny lacy scarfs and have gotten the turquoise one cast on. I am also still working on my blue/green variegated shawl.. I'm on ball #3 now, out of 5...coming along nicely.

As for my package, I just finished my handmade item for it, so my package will be off... I will have to do an express package so that my swap friend will get it on time! I will post more about my package tomorrow!

As far as shopping for my pal! Well I may as well be called a professional shopper! So I have found a few really great things for my pal.. And I received my package from my pal today too, and it was awesome!!! I will post those pics tomorrow too! So basically this swap has been a blast!

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sharon said...

YOu got it already?!?!?!?!!?!?
I was so worried it would be late and when I checked Wednesday it was in Kitchener (which is no where's near you) HURRAY!!!!!