Monday, May 19, 2008

She Thinks My Tractor's

Sexy So Cute!!
Every Saturday my friend Jocelyn watches these two little kiddos, The Cowboy and Cowgirl! They are pretty cute kids, and I have covered for her a few times, one time over this past weekend. At one point the kid's father came home for a break in between jobs (he's a photographer and was coming home for lunch b/w a bat mitzvahs and a wedding). While he was home he mowed the lawn with what the cowboy was excitedly running around the house calling "daddy's tractor". Well that isn't even the cute part, after he was done mowing, he hooked up a trailer and took the kiddos for a ride! No wonder the cowboy was so excited to see the tractor! And of course I had to snap a photo. Look at their cute little hats! :)

Happy Munchkin Monday!

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gaylen said...

That is super cute! I would be excited too! g