Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Best Way To Start The Day

Is to have a small child that is supposed to know when to tell you he has to go to the bathroom, sitting on you're lap, and then have your lap become wet. But on top of that, you think that all of the urine must have been soaked up by his pj's and your cute new sweat pants, so when you're taking things off of both of you to toss them in the wash hastily you step in the small puddle of urine that was not soaked up! How obnoxious!!

Yes that is how Little Dan and I started the day. So now he is running around the house naked and I am sitting at the computer in my underwear (thank god S is away on business!). Oh and to top it off, We're out of laundry detergent which means that now I have to go to the grocery store today instead of tomorrow!!

Off to hop in the shower to wash away the pee (and yes I squealed when my leg became wet, "You peed on me!") and make a grocery list so we can get everything instead of just laundry soap so then I at least won't have to go to the store twice!

The Joys of Nannying!


gaylen said...

Oh that is pretty funny! I don't think I was every peed on and now it's happened to you twice and the kids aren't even yours!!! g

blogfree Jessica said...

oh UGH! and i thought it was bad the other day when my friends dog peed all over my lap.
you sure do paint a loverly picture!! ahahahah!

sharon said...

sounds like parenting - what joy what love!!!