Monday, May 12, 2008

The Munchkins Celebrate Mother's Day

S hadn't planned anything for the kids to do for G for mothers day, so I decided I should come up with something so that she could be celebrated. I took the kids to this cute little shop called 'Hands On Pottery' ... If you couldn't tell by the name of the place, its a pottery studio where you can go and paint pre-made pottery. It is super cute! So they each made G something special!

Here is the start of Little Dan's Masterpiece:

Here is the start of Little Ann's Masterpiece:

They both did wonderful work! And were very well behaved while we were there (although that good behavior may have been as a result of bribery to earn cookies and cocoa)!

On a completely Separate Note: Happy Birthday to Blogfree (for now) Jessica!!!! She is wonderful and beautimous, and deserves to have a stupendous birthday! :) Have a good one Jess! This is a picture of her and her hubby at the Watertown Zoo in North New York!


gaylen said...

Great picture of Jess - wonder where you got it? Love the start of the gifts - did G just love them? g

blogfree Jess said...

awww, you so sweet!

Kat said...

I received my package! Thank you so much! I love the mug! I posted pics on my blog ;) Have a good one!

Kat said...

another package?! that's so sweet - thank you! you needn't have done that (but I'm sure I'll love it!!!!)