Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kati and the Kong

"Oh boy, oh boy! I get to have a peanut buttery kongy delicious treat!!!!!" This is the excitement that Kati practically screams out whenever I grab the peanut butter from the pantry. (Well really she just sits next to me and whimpers like crazy until I give it to her.)

And then she devours it!

But last week on DOT, Nichole wrote about her precious pups and their Kongs, and somebody left a comment about making it occupy more time when frozen...So I gave it a shot...

It lasted all of about 30 minutes...better than 5 or 10 though!

Happy Valentines day/DOT!


gaylen said...

Don't forget to leave your name at DOT so you'll get visitors. And go read Golden'Purls story about Suny. Kati looks cute! g

Nichole said...

Yeah for frozen kongs!!! :-)
Yes, you must sign up for DOT!!

Cindy said...

Is Kati an Australian shepherd? She is beautiful. I used to get the "kids" Kongs, but they never kept them busy as long as the ads said they would.