Monday, February 4, 2008

Baking Cookies with the Kiddies

Last week in Munchkinland, Little Ann actually wanted to go to the grocery store! She hates strongly dislikes grocery shopping. So I knew that there must have been something up. We only needed to grab a few things for dinner, so maybe she was cooperating for the short trip, and off to the grocery store we went.

Ah ha! She wanted to get a box of cup cake mix, and some things to make sugar cookies! Well since I didn't have a recipe on me for sugar cookies we cheated and bought the pre made mix that you just add and egg and some butter to. It was still a lot of fun to make them though. After we had the cookie dough all made up, we rolled them out, and cut them up just like you would do with normal sugar cookies.

It was a blast, and the cookies turned out really cute. Most of the shapes looked slightly squished or askew, but they were cute, and the littles had too much fun making the cookies, and making one big mess in the process! Little Ann promised to help clean up if we made them, and so while they baked, and the sweet smell wafted out of the oven, little Ann and I cleaned away, until all that was left was a cooling rack filled with delicious morsels of sugar cookies!!

The only thing left to do was decorate them! That is where a lot of the fun came in! I'm pretty sure that most of the icing and sprinkles ended up on little faces and in little bellies, but it was almost time to hand them back over to G & S anyhow, so no harm done ;) This one is one that I decorated. And believe it or not, we used a cookie press to put that snowflake design on the cookie with, and then I just went over it with the frosting. Pretty cute!

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gaylen said...

Oh cookie baking - how fun. Wanna send me some? g