Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So I am one of those silly types of girls that can never just be happy with the hair that she has. Well that is when it comes to the color... I am content for 3 months to a year depending on the color, but then I have to change it, and recently they have all been drastic changes!

For the longest time, I had my natural hair color-which is like a dark, ashy, blonde-with a lot of super bleach blonde highlights. But then I decided I wanted it to be darker. So it became a very reddish sort of cinnamon stick brown color. And then I got tired of people saying that I was a red-head...idk why it bothered me so much I like red hair, I just don't necessarily like it on me... so then it was dark brown, until shortly after when I wanted a bigger change and something way more drastic and then it became dark, dark, so dark it was almost black, brown. But of course then I decided it was too dark, and that I needed to lighten it back up again...so over the holiday I had it lightened back down to a more medium brown. And then a few weeks ago I wanted to go and have it lightened up more to aim for being more natural with blonde hightlights againg sometime... maybe close to the summer. Anyhow, the woman didn't quite get it to where I wanted it, so I went back the following week, and spent 6 hours in a varriety of chairs, getting my hair done! How exhausting! But now it looks good, and I am pleased...at least for the next couple of months as a strawberry blode-ish caramelly color with blond highlights.


Nichole said...

I'm in that dark, dark, dark ... almost black mode myself... I think she said its 1 shade lighter than black, whatever that is. :)
I love your current color!!! 6 hours -geesh!

gaylen said...

it looks good. I like it better lighter, but you know that. I guess it wouldn't be wise to say that you look like your sister? Love Ya! Ma