Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Sorry Sheila!

Many of you just read that and said, "Wait a second.. Who is Sheila?" Well She is my little pet hedgehog! Since she is nocturnal and we only play together for about 10-15 minutes a day, I rarely have cute stories about her to share. I know I know, bad animal mommy. But its not true, I sleep while she plays and she likes it better this way!

Isn't she cute! Okay so here's the story: A couple of weekends ago when I was cleaning my room and re-arranging things, It was getting late and sheila started to climb out of her little tent. Well my bedroom door was open. Jezzabelle, one of the cats came in and leapt up on top of my dresser. Sheila still hadn't met the cats at all yet because they aren't aloud in my room. So Jezzy poked her nose in.. she wanted to see what in the world that little thing was. Sheila took one peak at her, ran from one side of the cage to the other so that she could get back in her tent, and then hissed as loud as I've ever heard her hiss, and balled up! She didn't know what that thing was but it was big and scary and she wasn't taking any chances! And it worked! Jezzy was out of the room in a matter of seconds! And that night, Sheila didn't let me play with her. And the next morning she didn't let me play with her. But finally the following night she let me play with her to show her that everything was ok. Poor Girl!

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gaylen said...

Those are some great pictures of Sheila - have a fun day off :) g