Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good Girl

Thank you all for your kind wishes!

Kati did so well at the Vet! The vet said that she is Stoic. It took an awful lot of rotating and pulling to get even the slightest wince! Anyhow, the problem is solved! Poor little Kati had her hip popped out of place, probably from rough play with her doggie friends at doggie daycare on Wed. afternoon. So the Vet popped her hip back into place... it made the ickiest pop noise...The littles both scrunched up their faces and said 'ewww!' I even cringed but Katie.. she barely flinched! Such a tough girl! Then she gave Kati and anti-inflammatory to prevent swelling and some pain meds that she will take for a week with a prescription for rest, and no doggie day care for a little bit. Rest.. Ha! She's an Australian Shepherd! We'll try and keep her quiet, but with the pain meds she already feels a million times better! So she's back to her smily playful self again!


gaylen said...

Yea Kati! g

Nichole said...

Yea - glad to hear she's ok! :)