Thursday, December 27, 2007

Polka DOT

Happy end of the year fur-riends! Hope it has been a good one for everybody.

It is good to be home with the hounds! They are so loving, cuddly, cute, and not to mention ... they are all trained! :)

My favorites are the Girls! Abby and Lucy...look at how cute they are! Abby is the princess pupper! She's my baby! Lucy is also quite adorable, and I can love on her for hours!

Then there's the boys...they aren't half bad either! Dudder budder, and Beau-zo ...They are pretty sweet too! And if you have never had one, go out and find yourself a hound to smooch! Sloppy hound kisses are just that...great big puppy wet ones! P.S. I tried to find a photo of me and the old man together, but the only photos of him are joint pics with the other The Queen stated, we don't have many pictures of Dudley :( We'll just have to work on that in the new year!

Whats not to love in a house filled with fur! :D

Have a happy new year!


~Tonia~ said...

Oh I bet you miss them when you aren't there. A home isn't a home unless there is dog hair. ;)

Donna said...

Sweet pictures with your sweet pups. Happy New Year!

Nichole said...

Great pics!!!!!!!!! They're so cute.