Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My favorite day has come again!

Well, its Tuesday...and it would be just as great as a normal day, except that over the weekend little Dan got a big boy bed!!! how exciting! But he didn't sleep at all last night and therefore slept until noon, and then was very cranky! So the crocery shopping and errands were pushed back, and I didn't get anything done yet. I am hoping that since he didn't sleep much he will still crash for a nap at a decent time, and then i can watch some tv and work on my holiday knitting.
I need to finish:
Scarf for Gwen...almost done!
Scarf for Sami...also so close!
Fingerless gloves for a friend...I picked out the yarn.. :/
Hat and scarf for Heather...also not started yet...

I think that next year I need to get started sooner....... These all may turn into early spring gifts :)

Here's hoping for great nap times all week long these next 2 weeks!

And the count-downs:
9 days until I go home for the holidays
14 days until Christmas
29 days until I leave for Florida!!!
30 days until my Birthday!!!!!


gaylen said...

Be still my heart - posts 2 days in a row!!!! :-}

Nichole said...

Welcome to the "I need to start sooner NEXT year" world of holiday knitting... we are quite a big group, lol

~Tonia~ said...

Oh I so hate those sleepless nights. It ends up throwing the normal schedual off so bad.

Hope you can get your knitting done.

gaylen said...

I knew it was too good to be true!!