Sunday, December 30, 2007

The F Words

Family, Friends, Fun, and Fabulous Scenery!

That is what this last week has been for me! So much so that I ended up switching my flight to stay for one more day! :) So I will be spending my New Years in Seattle once again! And I'll be loving it!
Oh how I enjoy this place called home! (other than my ridiculous allergies that spring up when I'm here) Its a very lovely locus.

I miss the mountains...its always very calming to be able to look off into the distance and see the strong, soaring, snow-capped mountains. (Lots of kisses for blogless Jess!) They just look so cozy!

And the combination of the bare trees and the plenteous, leafy evergreens waving in the winds...just makes you smile :)

The serene and sparkling Puget of my favorite spots here is to drive down to Sunset Ave and park by the water. Very tranquil and scintillating scene.


blogfree jessica said...

sigh....oh, i love it!! Thanks for the visual treat. Don't you just love that mountain?
I would have changed my ticket and stayed longer, too. Times Square will wait.
Thanks, you ARE a perfect little princess!

Nichole said...

Beautiful, breath taking pics!

~Tonia~ said...

Such pretty pictures! I can see why you like it there.