Monday, December 10, 2007

Munchkin Monday

So I am going to start doing a post every Monday on the littles. Whomever else out there in blog-land has little munchkins of their own, please feel free to do the same! Maybe we can ultimately start a separate page for it and do a similar thing to Dogs on Thursday....but for now, it will just be my Monday segment on my blog.

This past Friday, Little Dan and I went to the Children's Museum, in Norwalk. It is a wonderful place that we can spend hours in! And I especially love it because there are a ton of different areas to get different parts of the brain, by the time we leave, it is guaranteed nap time by the time we get home :)

Little Dan's favorite part is the water exhibit. He has been very curious about water, and how it works, rain, snow, thunder, rivers, etc. Basically everything about it excites him. Which is neat, so we usually spend at least 30 minutes in this area. They have a fog maker, an area to make thunder, a spot where you can change the course of a river and then send your boats down it, and then there is the water cycle, which is very cool! they have a gigantic umbrellas made out of glass and piping, that sits right at the entrance to the room, the pipes at the top of it, have little leaks springing up all over them (as rain), which then falls down the umbrella and into the PVC gutters. The gutters drain into a rain barrel, which has a spout pouring into a 'river'. This carries the water down and then it goes down a drain at the end, and through the floor, and a big PVC column (which is the handle of the umbrella) is carried back to the top, to come down as the rain again. The entire museum is very thought out like this, and I love it just as much as little Dan does, because I can see the things that it is teaching him!

This is clearly not the water cycle that I just so thoroughly described, however, it is the best shot that I have of little Dan in action. Here hes is playing with this big tower thingy, that is filled with all different colored golf balls, that go all around this wacky course, and then there are some different gadgets that the kids can control from the outside, that change the direction that the golf balls are traveling. Fun Fun!
We have also had a very exciting past week, with getting some snow. It has been very cold, but I have managed to suck it up to bundle up with the kids and take them out to enjoy it! but they have only


gaylen said...

but they have only . . . what? You didn't finish the last sentence. Little Dan looks very cute, and the museum sounds like fun :} g

~Tonia~ said...

I love children's museums they are alway so much fun and you can play too and not be looked at weird. LOL

Sounds like you both had fun.