Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thanks is long overdue

A while back, miss Channon mailed me a package, and I am just now blogging it. It contained a little something for me, and a little something for Charlie.

The goodies included gourmet doggie treats, A very big and according to the way it was eaten, very yummy bone, and for me, Chocolate Mint tea, and an aluminium water bottle with sunflowers (my favorite flower) on it. I have no clue how she knew they are the ones I love the most, but she knew. She also included the last book of the Melanie Travis Mystery Series. I am on book #3 right now, and so far so good. They have just enough suspense, love, and laughter to please just about anyone.

My heart was so warmed by the card that Chan lovingly wrote, that I popped in to have a cup of tea with her! Virtually of course, because unfortunately nobody has come up with the technology to allow us to apparate from one place to another place hundreds of miles away. Which is unfortunate.

What is not unfortunate, is knowing that you are surrounded with a wonderful network of genuinely great people, wether they are down the street, down the coast, or on the opposite side of the continent. When life gives you lemons, it isn't always easy to squeeze them into lemonade without the love and support of good friends. Thanks Channon, and everyone else in my support web. I have been leaning a lot this month, and I appreciate you all helping to keep me up!


Channon said...

You're ever so welcome, but you did thank me personally, so nothing was overdue!!

And dearie? You told me sunflowers were your favorites a couple of days before I found the bottle. I don't recall why we were talking about such, but now you know.

gaylen said...

lovely box - love that tea!! g