Monday, May 17, 2010

Teething Munchkin

Roo is teething like you wouldn't believe. This kid is great, don't get me wrong, but he's really putting a damper on me ever wanting to have kids, because every baby goes through it, all a little differently, but if even one of my children were to teeth like Roo, I would hate being a mother... not good.

He has been whiny and crying and grouchy for all of last week and a little of the week before! Everything goes in the mouth, and we are putting a lot of his toys in the freezer.

Sense he isn't wanting to be put down very much (and I'm doing it anyway because he needs to not get to comfortable with the royal treatment of never being put down), and he likes to keep moving, swaying, bouncing etc. I'm limited to holding him, putting him in the bouncer, or putting him in the stroller and taking him for a walk. Which we do everyday anyhow, but the limitation of activities is getting old fast.

The stroller is a good one though, and as you can see he still has his teether-toy shoved in his mouth. Hopefully he will have grown a tooth over the weekend, and today will be good, but if not, I scheduled a playdate for my friend who is also a nanny of a baby to come over and walk with us. Her baby is teething too... boo.

Here's hoping for a happy Munchkin Monday!


Channon said...

Good luck with that...

gaylen said...

You know they go through it multiple times - clear up until they get their wisdom teeth (ask me how misserable you were then!).

Hope little Roo is feeling better soon. g