Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog Neglect

I'm guilty!

I have no excuses either! I am down to 2 days a week at my current job, and I am filling in the rest of the days with random babysitting gigs for now, and my new Nanny job is set to start on the 22nd.

Instead of blogging in my spare time, I have been taking Charlie for long walks, working on my knitting, and just hanging out. My knitting is going well. I finished my coquette lace top, but then the bust was much too roomy, it fit everywhere else, so I decided sense it was a quick knit I would frog it and start over. It is in the process now. I am also working on DW's sweater. I have one sleeve down, one sleeve, end weaving, and buttons to go... my goal is to have it completed by the time my sister is her (the last weekend in March) so that she can take it back with her. I have been plugging away more on my coquette top, than DW's sweater, though so I'm going to need to get to a stopping place (or just finish it real quick) and get back to DW's sweater! I let you know which way it goes, and when they are both completed.

Other than that, no blog news here. I will try to be good, and post again soon. In the meantime, I have yarn for a shrug that I want to make to go over the coquette top, as well as many other summer ensembles, but I can't find a pattern I love. I would prefer a free pattern, and just something simple so that it is versatile enough to have options. If you can think of anything let me know! Thanks!

Happy knitting, and blogging!

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Channon said...

It's all good! I'm glad you have some down time. Enjoy it. I'll have to refresh my memory on the top before I suggest a shrug...