Monday, March 22, 2010

Munchkin Monday!

Well, today was my first day taking care of Mr. Roo... He is a great baby, and we had an awesome first day, but before I start my MM posts on this little fella I'd like to say goodbye to all the kiddies at the day care.

One of my favorite things to do with the kids, was to take them for a Carriage Ride. We have this 4-seater, that we load the kids into when the weather is nice, and this last week the weather here was beautiful! (This week is going to make up for it a bit with drizzles, and chills.)

Anyhow, on my last day, I got to take the kids out for my last Carriage Ride. They love it, we always look for fun things around the neighborhood, and make it into a great little outing. Although there will be no more carriage rides, there will be a lot of new strolls in the stroller. So it was a short but sweet run with the old, and now in with the new.

Happy Munchkin Monday!

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Channon said...

Mr. Roo. Love it!