Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mr. Charles Chooses the Chair

Recently I decided that I needed additional seating in my living room. Back in January, I was out 'Window Shopping' when I found a chair that I thought would be perfect, however, I wasn't going to just buy it... because truth be told, I didn't need the chair.

I went back to visit it a handful of times, and then in the end of Feb. when I was perusing the store it was at, I found it again... and it was on clearance!! So I decided that I could get it, as long as it would fit in my car to get home. Guess what.. I made it fit :)

The other day I was babysitting for the family whose house I set the fire alarms off at (remember that--they still have me back!), and the mom is expecting, so as she puts it she has been nesting. What does this have to do with getting a chair you ask? Well she has been buying chairs, and area rugs, and art, and all kinds of things to spruce up the place. When she got the new area rugs, I asked her what she was going to do with the old ones, and she said I could have them! Super cool!! So one of them is now living in my storage unit (I only have a small apt, and both wouldn't fit), and one is in my living room area.

With the rug in place, and a clearance chair that would fit in my car, I got to spruce up my palace! I love the chair, and wouldn't you know it, Charlie loves it too! He actually walks up to it, checks to see if there is anything in his way, then takes a few steps back and does a running, flying leap into the seat. Then he can either curl up in it, or perch up over the back, and peer out the window.

I'm glad he approves of my furniture choices.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


Channon said...

What a darling photo! Cute chair, but you know I'm all about Charlie...

Nichole said...

What a GREAT pic!!!

gaylen said...

Umm - he looks a bit like those floppy stuffed dogs that I have in that photo. fun stuff. g