Sunday, February 21, 2010

Picture this:

Right now, I am reclining on the sofa, next to my pooch who is also quite relaxed on the sofa, the blinds are open, and although we've had mounds of snow, beautiful springlike weather has been warming things up nicely and there are bright rays of sun streaming in and casting a nice warmth over Charlie and I.

This is what I call a relaxing Sunday! I have the entire day off (which I feel a little guilty about, but I promise to push those feelings away, and enjoy it.) I have had a very accomplished weekend up to this point. I am almost to cast off point on my Coquette lace top, and I have put it down to finish DW's cardi. I have 35 more inches of sleeve work to go in total, and then just weaving in ends, and sewing on buttons... it is getting there and I am excited to complete it, as it has been almost a year. So my plans today are to catch up on some of my favorite shows that I have missed the last couple of weeks, knit, and snuggle with Charlie. It's a pretty great plan if I do say so myself! And hopefully I will have not just one, but two FO reports!

Happy Relaxing Sunday :)


Channon said...

Don't you dare feel guilty! Can't wait to see those beautiful FOs...

gaylen said...

How come you aren't working anywhere today? What's up with that? Don't you need to go buy groceries or walk that spoiled pooch? You can't just lounge around and knit all day!!! g