Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DC and Hershey with Laura!!

Almost two weekends ago, my fab friend Laura came for a visit, and we headed down to DC for 2 days, then up to Hershey, PA for 1 day, and then back to CT for a few days before she had to head back to WA. I miss her, but our visit was amazing! We had tons of fun :D Here are some great pics of the things we saw and the places we visited...

Ok so the first pic is of us in the car... then you have the Women in Armed forces building at Arlington National Cemetery, then The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier also at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery...Then the JFK Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial with the reflection pond in front of it.

Now here are a series of pictures that I did with the Washington Monument. I think this was my favorite btw, and it was so grand, yet simple. You could see it from several other points throughout Washington D.C., so here are pictures of it from all the other landmarks...

1. from Arlington National Cemetery
2. Coming from our hotel
3. From the yard area in front of the monument
4. From the base of the monument (this is my favorite)
5. From the WWII memorial
6. From inside the Lincoln memorial
7. From the Vietnam memorial

Yes I am a nerd... I do realize this, but here are a few more pictures I took, playing with Reflections While we were in DC

As it turns out this is a really long post, so I am going to save the pictures from Hershey for the next post! :) We had a ton of fun!


gaylen said...

I'll make sure to tell Miss D that you are posting again. She liked reading your blog - but then your got all scholarly and quit posting. Hrrrmpt. g

veedogknitter said...

hmmm, lots of pic of the long pointy thing. hmmm. Not really commenting on it or anything.....
How were the roller coasters????