Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Monday

Saturday night G invited me to go miniature golfing with them while S went to a baseball game. So I went, and it was fun! :)

Little Dan was hilarious! He was swinging his putter everywhere! Paying no attention to where the hole was he was just whacking in the general direction of the ball and hoping to hit it... and we were all just hoping that it didn't end up hitting anyone in the process.

Little Ann was a whizz! She ended up winning... but she did hit first and was rushing through the holes while the rest of us were trying to finish one hole, she'd be waiting at the next one to go! She even got a couple of hole-in-ones... according to her anyway ;)

Then we went out to dinner... what a lame Saturday night for me that I had to spend it with G and the kiddos, because I had nothing better to do! lol but I did have fun, and I was glad they invited me!

(oh and I got a new camera this weekend sense mine was broken and it was going to cost me to have it repaired.. I thought it was going to be covered under warranty. Anyhow no more cell phone pictures, so they should be of a better quality now! Yay!)

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gaylen said...

I love Little Dan! He's such a sweetie. g