Friday, September 12, 2008

Dogs on Thursday..on Friday

A day late, a dollar short? eh..better late than never! :)

So Little Dan and I went to the library today, and we checked out a few books.. one about construction trucks, one about trains, one about all sorts of ramps, and then one less informative one that is very cute! It is about a dog named Smog. Smog The City Dog, by Adria Meserve; It is a very cute story, with great pictures, so if you have kids, check it out :)

And here are some pics of the four-leggeds that I love! Zahra, playing outside in the leaves, her colors coordinate very well with the fall colors that we are beginning to see around here.. and Kati is posing :) So adorable! :)


Channon said...

Cute book. No kids, but maybe Sissy will let me read it to her...

Mindy said...

It does look like she is enjoying being out in the yard and sun. Nice photo of Kati too.