Saturday, September 29, 2007

A girl has got to accessorize!

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes de-tangling all of my jewelry from my move! I had just tossed it all in a bag because I was in a rush to get things done and I will never do it again!! It was a nightmare! So now I am going to buy one of those bead sorting clear plastic containers with separate compartments...I figure that it will be slim enough to pack when moving and then each peace will only ever have to be de-tangled from itself!

Here are some close-ups on my bags! (Bag-love baby!) The last pic wasn't so here you go:

And here are some accessories for my room that I have added to make it feel like home! And I need opinions on weather or not we like the window-accessories...I can't decide.


gaylen said...

I thought you were headed into Boston today? Are you girls having fun? Not too many To-kill-ya shots?

The room looks great. Did you purchase or mail yourself those prints? I don't like the window - it looks empty and unfinished. Maybe better if you can droop the sheer over the window in the center?

Okay ~ I really have to get off my hind end and get moving. Have fun. Mom

~Tonia~ said...

The decor is lovely.

The window needs something. Seems bare. Maybe if the sheer is draped down more in the center?