Thursday, January 27, 2011

Missed a few biggies

Since the last post we have had Thanksgiving. How was yours? For my thanksgiving, I shared it with great friends from my knitting group. I spent the late morning hours with Miss L... she made us fabulous Cucumber vodka bloody Mary's. They were delicious! Then I trekked over to another friend from knitting's house, where there was quite the group of 17 people if I remember correctly. They made 2 turkeys! There was lots of knitting, great food, and merriment. It was a good holiday.

Then there was that actual Christmas.. I say actual, because I decided that since I wasn't home with my loved ones, I wanted to push off Family Christmas until I made it home. Did everyone have a good Christmas? Any new traditions? I started a new tradition with the Bean Family! They are Jewish, and I found these Hanukkah themed cookie cutters, a menorah, star of David, and a dreidel, and we made sugar cookies, and decorated them. It was quite the project for Freddie and Jock, we had quite a bit of fun, and are sure to do it in future years! As for what I did on Christmas day, I opened stockings on the phone with Mom, Mr. Jay, and Jess. We got some good stuff. Then I went to another friend from knitting's house, and enjoyed a wonderful evening! We had homemade lasagna, which was fantastic, and homemade bread, and a salad that all followed a beautiful cheese & wine course! It was so elegant! Santa even stopped by there place and left me a fondue set, that I haven't found time to use yet, but I am aching to have a party with!

I have quite the secondary family over here with all of my wonderful knitting friends. I feel so lucky to have them all here supporting me emotionally, and helping me through the holidays!

What was after that... oh yeah, an entirely new year!
Happy 2011!
I am not big on new years resolutions... but because my birthday is so close to the new year, I do try to make each birth year a year better than the previous. This year I am trying to keep on top of my fitness, and not necessarily loose weight, but just keep healthy, and maintain a balance. (although 10lbs wouldn't hurt!) Other than that, I want to focus on not being such a consumer. Buying things I need are great, and if I purchase something that will help me to better organize my life, I am ok with that as well... but I have enough stuff!
I also made some knitting goals... I would love to do real colorwork this year, and I think I am finally ready to knit a pair of socks *gasp* Other than that, I just want to work out of my stash, I have learned that my stash pales in comparison to some of my friends, but still, I need not buy any more yarn... I have plenty to do projects with... and most of them are paired up with patterns already! Now I just have to find the time outside of school and work to keep knitting!

I also turned 25! It was a dazzling birthday in the big apple! I spent the evening dining in style with my friend Tosha, and then we enjoyed a few beers at the expense of the lovely people in Manhattan that were treating me for my big day! It was absolutely amazing! We were even able to stay in the city at Mrs. Bean's brother's place. (He let me stay there, and stayed at his gf's so we didn't have to worry about timing.. so gracious!)
So here's to the quarter century mark, and having yet another great year!

And last but not least... the final school report from last semester...
In my Math Class I received an A
In my Color & Lighting Class, an A
In CAD I received an A-
And in my Building Tech, a B

I made the dean's list, and despite the B... I am very proud of what I accomplished last semester. I hope to maintain these good grades this spring!

Hope to get another post up soon... maybe even with some pictures! (although, no promises!)


gMarie said...

Pictures would be good :)

You could post pictures without words. Stay safe and warm - and remember to breathe! g

ps - fan-freakin'-tastic work on the grades! I knew you could do it.

Channon said...

Congrats!! I'm so very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Dean's List is fantastic, but hey, an A in Math? Stupendous, in my book!
See you soon - -
Anon Miss D