Friday, November 12, 2010

Hope It Isn't a Theme...

Although with only 10 courses left, it might just stay that way during school. What am I talking about?! My random gaps in blog updates.

I am pleased to report that everything is well! I have been using all of my time to study, work, knit for 4 hours a week (more if the homework is light), and maintain my social life (by studying with friends..2 birds).

I was only disappointed with one of my midterm grades, and after talking to my teacher, he said that I am doing really well, but that if he just handed out A's it wouldn't reflect that we were learning anything. So hopefully I can get that B+ up to an A by the end of the term.. Other than that I have two A's, and in my most difficult class, a B. Not to shabby.. especially if you know how my grades tend to go! I am loving school! It is actually a lot of fun... I shouldn't have gone back to the classroom when I first moved here, instead of waiting for 3 years..of course I really wasn't ready yet.

On other notes.. I have no finished objects, but still make it to knitting almost every week. I wasn't able to go to any of the fiber fests this year :( maybe next year I will go to all three to make up for it!

I have pictures for you somewhere, but I don't currently have time to sit here and wait for them to upload.

I will try to make it less than a month before I make it back again, and the next post will hopefully have some pictures...maybe of hand knit socks, or hair cuts, or who knows...

Happy Firday! Happy weekend!


gMarie said...

wha? socks? Say it isn't so!! g

Channon said...

Congrats!! Ask that prof what inspires him to give a rare A. I have full confidence you'll get it!

Anonymous said...

It was great to talk with you on Thanksgiving! I'm really proud of how well you're doing in school and all, but how about shooting for a twice a month posting? : )
Take care -
Anon Miss D