Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Best Trip Ever

At the end of February, I skipped a week of school, and took a much needed vacation from work, to spend a week home in Seattle, with my family.

My heart swelled the entire time I was there, in fact, I think it is so full with love and happiness that it just might burst! And I also decided, with some help from the Queen, that you can't be poor if you have love.

I landed on a Tuesday night at about 9:30, and when I arrived at the house, my parents weren't even home! How rude! But when they came in with a Wii, I excused them.

Wednesday, I had a dental appointment, and then we wandered around downtown Edmonds--I love that town! Eventually we made our way back to the house.. got the wii all set up, and ordered pizza. Bora Bora came over, with her mom (who is a great friend of my mom's) and we had wii, wine, and pizza! It was a blast!

Thursday, I had plans with my dad, but as there was a dusting of snow, the place we were heading was closed, so my pops came in and we showed him how the wii works, and then we had some father-daughter bonding time, before going to my eye appointment. Afterward, Jess, Dad, and I went out to lunch. Mr. J and Mom met us for dessert, and then Dad had to take off afterward, and the rest of us meandered around the mall for a bit. Afterward we went home for some Parmesan fish! Yum!!

Friday, Bora Bora picked me up from the rents, and we went for a delicious breakfast in Woodenville, and then for pedi's in alderwood.. We eventually made our way back to the house around 1ish, and we all left at 2:30 for wine tasting! They have all of these tasting rooms scattered around Woodenville, and we made our way through 6 of them, sharing the tastings between Mr. Jay, Laura, and myself. Some of the wine was Wonderful, and some of it was much worse! But it was great fun, and mom got her creativity running with her camera! Later that night we gathered with a group of my friends at Red Hook for dinner and beer. It was so much fun to get everyone all together.

Saturday, we just hung out at home for a bit, then Laura and I went out to run some errands and re-arrange her furniture, of course we got carried away with fun, and didn't end up getting back to my parents for prime rib dinner until 5:30! Woops!
It was good regardless, and with great company :)

Sunday we had a lazy morning. I went and got coffee with my Grandpa, I love catching up with him, I love that he is a part of my life. On my way home I made a pit stop at my Best Friend Heather's house, for literally 30 min (it was the only chance we had to see each other!), and then picked up Jess and checked out her new grown up furniture!
I had decared it family Christmas! So once mr. Jay was up, he made Eggs benidict, and we all got ready to venture down to Freemont. It was so much fun. Great booths, with awesome jewelry and gems.. we find a few new treasures. Stopped for a quick snack and some adult beverages. Next was to Theo's chocolate factory for some delicious samples, and I bought a lot of chocolate! Lastly we ventured to the Troll! When we finally got back home, we made disgusting caserole, and opened pressies! I feel so blessed to have had such a great time, the gifts were the icing on the cake! My mom finally finished the quilt, that we bought fabric for when I was 8; and she knit me the most amazing knee-high cashmere socks! Jess made me fingerless mitts, and an adorable hat! As it was hand made Xmas, Mr. Jay hand selected some awesome jewelry!

Monday was a day to me.... I had to get my first ever cavity filled..and I survived to tell about it! Then I did some homework, and napped with the hounds, and made dinner.. we had a quiet and wonderful evening at home to finish up my trip, and a tearful goodbye before bed.

My dad picked me up at 5am the next morning and I snuck in to give one last kiss to Mom and Mr. Jay before I left. Dad took Jess and I to get a required coffee on our way to the airport, and I made it to the plane on time.

It was the best trip ever. I love my family so much and spending time with them is so wonderful, I really cannot wait until I graduate!

The only downfall to the week was that I missed a significant amount of school, and now I'm drowning in projects... so what am I doing... blogging at starbucks.

Guess I should get back to it. Hug your family!

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Channon said...

Love hearing about the trip from two points of view. Funny how closely they match! ;)