Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Been a while

I finally found time to update!

After that last post, literally the same day, I was coming home from a jog, and got swarmed with Hornets! I recieved 5 stings, along with the information that I am not allergic to them whew! That was the last big thing to happen during the Hamptons trip.

We arrived home a few weeks ago on Sunday, and then School stuff began. My orientation was that Monday, and my classes were that Wednesday. My apartment had one full suitcase, and a full duffle from the trip, waiting to be unpacked, and between work, school, meeting up with friends I hadn't seen in a month, and the rest... I must admit, I still haven't unpacked the duffle! (Aren't you glad to find out that I am updating you before unpacking?!)

School has been going very well! I am taking classes towards finishing my Interior Design Degree, and I love all of my classes! Even the math. But there are a lot of hours put in to doing the whole school thing.. both inside and out of class. I am noticing a huge difference this time around in taking my classes. I am so motivated to accomplish everything and finally be able to start my career, and finally call myself an interior designer, instead of a nanny! (Not that there is anything at all wrong with being a nanny.. look where it's gotten me!) The point of this rambling is that I am loving school, and everything about it!

The Bean Family is all good as well, work is great, I love the kids and the 'rents are great too! They are working around my classes, and we are all making it work. We have finished the first Freddy book, Freddy Goes to Florida and started on the second, Freddy Goes to the North Pole. Because of my classes though, I haven't really been here to read bed time stories, and we haven't ready any of it since we arrived back in CT. They are great books though, I'm not sure who is enjoying them more, me or the kids! I'll try to keep you posted on our adventures, even though I'm busy with school!

My knitting has been receiving about the same amount of attention as my blog has. I am going to continue trying to make it to my weekly SnB. I think 2 hours of knitting a week is allowed. I am currently knitting on my Blue Tweed Vest, the pattern is from knitty, and is called Milly. I am almost finished with the Right front, and I took it to our Stitch and Pitch this past Sunday. It was such fun!

Okay, School, Work, and Knitting... that completes the update... sorry for a photo-less post. Hopefully I will find time to update soon!!

Happy Tuesday :)

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Channon said...

Good grief woman! That makes me tired just reading it...