Thursday, February 4, 2010

thankful thursday

It has been quite some time sense my last update. I have been very busy balancing 2 jobs sense I found out last week about my hours decreasing again (for the second time in 2010). I am lucky to have had a second job already that was willing to increase my hours as much as I need. For now it's working out, but the only thing I want to do between jobs and after work is play with my pets.
Last week I had an errand to run and I took charlie along for the had been warming up and I was only going to be inside for 10 minutes so I left him to protect the car. When I shut the car door he immediately started crying in protest of not being able to join me. And when i returned he was wiggling with so much excitement, he gave me enough kisses that I will surely lways bring him in in the future if for nothing other than to rid myself of guilt. Or he could just stay home. I think he musthave thought that I was leaving him forever because he insisted on staying on my lap the entire drive home! Although it made my heart swell with isnt going to be happening again any time soon!
I sure am thankful to have found charlie, and I love that he is satisfied with his new home :-)

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Channon said...

I'm glad you have the second job and Charlie too!!! What a sweet boy...