Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sometimes I just get bored!

So I decide to re-arrange my room...isn't that what everyone does when they are bored? Oh and I also bought new windows just needed something more substantial than frilly tool... Here is what it looked like before:

And here are the lesser window treatments:

And now...ta da...The finished product:
This is the what you see when you first walk in.

On the wall to the left.

Then my bed is on angle here in the corner opposite the corner b/w the dresser and t.v.

See what I mean about the curtains though? I think the new ones look much better...and I like having them on one long curtain rod to help lengthen the size of my room.
Anyhow... I certainly found something to do over my three day weekend!


gaylen said...

Hey I love that rocking chaire photo between the windows. Your room looks great - glad S didn't really kick you out! g

Nichole said...

Very nice! What kind of furry creature do you have in there??

Rhonda said...

We don't have one window with curtains! All have shudders. Very convenient :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! I really like the quilt too.