Monday, January 7, 2008

Munchkin Monday

Little A is such a little B sometimes! For being 6, oh excuse me....almost 7!...she sure is sassy cute!

This morning I was getting her ready for the bus b/c G had to catch an early train to get to a meeting. She almost missed the bus because she was trying to find a toy. They aren't allowed to bring toys to when I told her that it didn't matter b/c she couldn't bring it with her...she started screaming and crying because I am soo mean! And then she told me that she just wanted to find it so she could hide it from Little Dan so that he wouldn't get it while she was in school. I know that its difficult to see the obvious when you are almost 7 but come on! If A can't find it then chances are that D isn't going to find it either! Anyhow she was throwing such a fit that she wouldn't just put her coat on and get to the bus! It is a good thing that we live on a cul-de-sac and that the bus has to go by 2x!!

And then Little D was crying so much today right around noon...nap time. But of course, lying down when you are tired is simply too easy. So he went to bed, for 5 minutes! And then he needed a bottle, then back to bed. For 10 minutes this time (long enough to finish said bottle), then it was more blankets that he needed, and back to bed. This time he stayed put stayed quiet for long enough to throw all of his bedding on the ground. Then I went in and fixed that and told him he needed to sleep or at least that it was quiet time, and we needed to make not a peep for at least 30 minutes. This usually works, b/c he'll play until he finds a favorite stuffed animal and then he'll bring the animal to bed, and then he'll fall asleep. Not today. Nope...taking a nap when you're exhausted is just too simple when you could cry and be needy instead! Eventually he decided to stay quiet and maybe even shut his eyes for about an hour until the little Blittle angel came home and started yelling at me b/c I didn't find her toy.

Oh to be an ill-logical child.


gaylen said...

Hmm, sorry I can't relate to what you are going through at all :) g

blogfree Jessica said...

anyways, i am late getting to comment on this post...but good thing i waited til today, because it is your HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Hope the munchkins are good for you today, and it is a wonderful birthday!

Nichole said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Loved your care bears cake! ;-)