Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roasting My Heart Out

With the decision to become a healthy eater once again...I have been cleaning out the produce dept. in the grocery store! You think I'm kidding! Ha! This week I bought:

5 Honey Crisp Apples
5 Granny Smiths
4 Oranges
4 kiwis
2 plums
2 bananas
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Eggplant
1 container of brussel sprouts
1 container of sliced mushrooms
1 container of whole mushrooms
1 bag of broccoli
2 bags of snap peas
2 bags of green beans
2 bags of baby carrots
2 containers of cherry tomatoes
1 bunch of leafy green lettuce
1 bag of romaine lettuce

Now keep in mind that most of the fruits and veggies are eaten by me. Little Dan will help me with some of the fruit, and Little Ann will work on the carrots and the green beans, but that's about it...the rest is all mine...and so far I have chipped away a pretty little portion! Basically I have 2-3 pieces of fruit for breaky and then for lunch and dinner I have just been having veggies as the main part of my meal, and then some meat...either just plain rolled up lunch meat or tuna, or half a chicken breast. That way I get my veggies in and some meat for my proteins, and its all good! And if they are pre-chopped and washed they are easy to grab for a snack too....These are just the things that I have to do for myself....otherwise I go straight for the cookies and potato chips

A lot of the veggies, I tossed into a big baking dish and roasted...I did some roasted layers of veggies.... I even roasted a whole chicken! All the roasting is shown above. In the layers it is: Eggplant, Green Beans, Carrots, Mushrooms, and Bell Peppers...Then the finished product is here.

And people say that brussel sprouts are disgusting, Just roast them up and they are great! Cut their ends off peel the outer 2-3 leaves away, and slice them in half..toss them in "EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)" -Rachel Ray, and salt and pepper then toss 'em into your oven at 365...I always cover mine with foil so that they cook faster and the moisture that tries to escape stays in them..and in 45 minutes +/- you have some delicious, and very pretty, brussel sprouts!


March said...

good food!

Rhonda said...

Fantastic grocery list! Good job :) I'm a healthnut so totally am with you on how great these foods truly are. I feel it in my head when I eat well. Really. I do.

p.s. Now, come by when you have a chance. I have bling. (I realize we've just met, but I couldn't help myself)!

Nichole said...


(as I've just finished off a handful of pringles, a 100 calorie pack of cheez its and a king size reese's peanut butter cups.......)

gaylen said...

Nichole you are bad!

Kiddo - how did the veggies work when you layered them like that? I haven't tried roasting eggplant, I bet that was yummy! g

Mindy said...

I'm impressed! If I bought that much produce I would have good intentions but don't think I could get through it all without it starting to spoil. I do like fruits and veggies, just have a sweet tooth too. Keep up the good work!