Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mid-Summer Mystery Shawl

About a month ago, I participated in a mystery knit-along. I did it with my mom, Channon, and a few gals from the LYS. It was really great to be doing it with so many friends. What a wonderful bonding experience!

I knit mine in linen by EuroFlax, So that it would be nice and light for a humid summer evening. I have even had a few opportunities to wear it! I love it. And I should since I knit it 3 times before I was finished. I added an extra repeat to the body to make it larger... and although I don't have any photos of it blocked, it became even larger and even more lovely.

I love the color, and although the texture of the yarn took some getting used to, I quite like how it feels after soaking.

Happy knitting!


SissySees said...

It's beautiful - love that color. I've only done a washcloth in linen, but I did do that capelette in a silk-linen blend, and it's fabulous...

gMarie said...

I want blocked pictures. I guess I shouldn't complain too loud - at least we got an update. g