Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boston with the Boy

In late April, Patrick took me to Boston for an overnight. We went to a Mariners v Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Stayed at an awesome hotel, and toured the city.

We arrived Saturday evening around 5, checked into our hotel, and then navigated the T to Fenway Park. The game was fantastic! I love baseball, especially going to games, and this is the first Mariners game I have been in attendance to since I was at the game that I got my cross-country moving job offer. It was a fabulous game. It moved quickly and there was some team drama with Milton Bradley.. I believe at this point he is not even on the team anymore... I should really blog more often! Anyhow the M's won! I convinced Patrick to hang around and watch the team exit the stadium.. but ya know without their uniforms, it is pretty darn hard to recognize any of them. Nonetheless it was a thrilling event. We stopped for ice cream on the way back and then called it a night.

The next day we ventured back downtown, and took the "Ride the Ducks Boston" tour. It was awesome! I have taken the duck tour in Seattle with Bora Bora, and ever since then I have wanted to do it in every town that has them! I was so happy when Patrick agreed to go. It is such a fun way to see all of the important sites in a town in one shot. I even got to drive the duck in the Boston Harbor!! So cool!

On our way out of town, we stopped for a nice seafood dinner. It was a relaxing end to a nice trip.


SissySees said...

Okay, 'splain this Ride the Ducks thing. We left Philly before the Ride the Ducks tour, so clearly, I'm missing something?!

gMarie said...

Yea Pictures!!

Sounds like a very fun trip. and isn't Milton Bradley a board game company? g

Anonymous said...

you must have been deprived of a rubber duckie experience when you were young!and be careful most things slide right off a ducks back ya know. thats why Mexico has no ducks ya know. you figure that one out.