Monday, July 26, 2010

Workin hard..?

Of course! But, that doesn't mean that I don't get to enjoy my work! With the Bean Family, we go swimming a lot. Which is a wonderful way to avoid the CT heat! If I had access to a pool on me own time, you would probably think I was a fish! I have been trying to take advantage of the benefits of swimming while we are at the pool, and if the boys are trying to come up with games to do, I try and turn them into laps for me. Sometimes it works, and sometimes not, but I get in the laps I can while simultaneously watching Jock and Freddy.

Jock loves the water as much as I do, but Freddy needs a little bit more convincing. Which is fine... when the temp gets high enough, he joins us... or if he has a friend over that wants to get in, he'll get in too, or if Jock is acting like it's the most fun he has ever had in his life, Freddy inevitably gets in then as well. Nonetheless, when we're all swimming, we are all having a fun time!

What's your favorite summer time activity? I really love just being outside, doing any number of things, but when it is too hot, I either need nature to provide a body of water, or I need to have pool access!

Happy Munchkin Monday!


Channon said...

I used to really love the pool, but haven't been in several years. Silly when the inlaws have one...

My favorite summer activity? I don't know that I have one, since the hot flashes started.

gMarie said...

fun photos! Thanks for the update. g