Monday, January 4, 2010

Squawking Artichoke!

So, today is day one of my Birthday week! I have a few fun things planned throughout the week to make this birthday an overall success! Today I went grocery shopping after work so that I could make sure I had all of my favorite foods in the house for cooking with this week. Artichokes were on sale, and so I decided I would get one, as it turns out they have a decent shelf life (I've been told they will last for about a month.. wonder if I should refrigerate them?) so I decided to get 2. However, there were only three left in there spot (and of course they all looked pathetic), so I asked the produce guy if they had more, and he went to fetch a box of them and meet me at there spot. When he returned he asked if he could pick out a few good ones for me. I actually know how to pick out an artichoke (leaves tight together, and when you squish them they should be squeaky) but hey, if he wanted to pick them out for me why not! So I told him I would like two, and he started squeaking away. The first one was good, but it took a few more tries to find the second. After making all the artichokes squawk, I made my way through the store to get everything else that I needed, and then headed home to hang with the pets.

So, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what tomorrow's birthday plans entail :) (Hopefully I will have pictures to go along with that post too!)

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Channon said...

Happy birth-week! That's a beautiful artichoke you have there. Was the produce guy cute?