Friday, January 8, 2010

Birthday Week, Day 5

Tonight I am enjoying a relaxing evening with my kiddos. Sheila got to hang out on the couch with us for a while, and Charlie got a nice long walk! Now we are all just lounging.

Yesterday I worked, came home and walked the dog, and packed dinner, then went to job number 2 (I accepted a second job seasonally, and they asked me to stay on, and with my hours being cut at work, I agreed). Came home, and then I went to bed (after walking the spoiled dog again!).

Wednesday, I had split pea and ham soup cooking in the crock pot all day long, and when I got home, not only did I get to enjoy a great comforting meal, but I also got to open a package! It was a Christmas/Birthday box filled with goodies especially for me! I am the new owner of an awesome wine bottle plug thingie, that is hand carved, and has some sort of mechanism that allows you to screw it on so that you can lay the bottle flat without it spilling. (what are these things called?)
In addition to that I got an awesome key chain with a poodle, and a bunch of cute dog things on it.
Sheila got an awesome bed warmer thing, that will keep her warm, and all I have to do is microwave it for 30 seconds a few times a day. I think that ultimately I am going to try to get another one so that I can alternate between the two, we'll see how long it actually takes to find one and buy it.

My mom also made a felted stuffed Hedgie for me, and it is a giant compared to Sheila, but it is so cute! It is sitting on top of my entertainment center, and watching everything. Sheila hasn't seen it, but I'm sure she would approve!
Oh and I also received some knitting notions to add to my new knitting notions bag, that I didn't post about yet, but my mom did!

For my birthday I received 5, yes five, new charms for my charm bracelet! They are the cutest!! I now have, in addition to my birthstone, snowman, and hedgie; a cute sparkly pink bead, a dangling high heeled flip-flop, a very cute swirly heart, a paw print, and a way cute cupcake with pink icing, sprinkles, and a red cherry on top! I even wore it to work to show it off to anyone and everyone there!

Birthday week is the best. I made some cupcakes tonight, to bring with me tomorrow for knitting group, and some to bring to work on Monday. Tomorrow, I have knitting, then a few errands (I have to deliver a gift for a little girl I watch whose birthday is coming up next week!), and then getting all dolled up and going out to dinner and dancing with a girlfriend! Can't wait :)

Hope everyone is having a good week, birthday week or not!


Channon said...

LOVE the goodies, and the soup! That's one of my ultimate winter comfort foods...

Happy birthDAY!

Marty said...


Love ya lots!